Froot Loops Cereal Ad Analysis

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The sender is a business firm trying to sell us a product. This specific food product is one of Kellogg’s cereal brands. They are trying to sell us (the audience), Froot Loops Treasures Cereal, a special variant of the original Froot Loops cereal. Instead of the original cereal loops, they’ve added a new type to the fruity breakfast, a cereal with a strawberry filling. The sender made special variants of the original Froot Loops cereal to attract more consumers because they will eventually get tired of the original version.

Kellogg’s used an endorser to address us about their new product, with the endorser being the mascot, 4 toucans to tell us how good their breakfast cereal is. This product is in the middle of its life cycle because Kellogg’s had created it in 1963, originally with 3 colours, and in the 1990’s is when they added the rest. It’s not at the end of its life cycle either because they keep on adding new
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They treated their cereal as ancient treasure, which was pretty cool. This ad works, since Froot Loops are already pretty popular around the world, and they have just added a new strawberry filled version of the well-known cereal, which will attract even more consumers. The part that I liked most about this ad is when the toucans used a cereal detector made out of a Froot Loop to find the treasure. It's just like in real life, where you use a metal detector to detect metal. The part that I didn’t very like about this ad is when you're at the end of the ad, the toucans speak a little too fast for little kids to comprehend, you really have to listen to it carefully to understand it. The part that persuaded me the most in buying this product is how they treated their cereal as treasure, and the fact that the crab also wanted some of the Froot Loops treasures, so the cereal must be fantastic. Finally, I don’t think that this commercial has any unintended effects that were not planned by the
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