Analysis Of Foreshadowing In The Button Button

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Imagine, there is a “Ring!” at the door, you find yourself going to answer instantly regretting it after the person who is at the door they look like a salesperson. You tell them you are not interested in any sales, but they tell you that the button you received in the mail earlier that day, if pressed could give you $50,000 a day! But, there is a catch. If you do happen to press that button someone you do not know will die. That was ok in the mind of Mrs. Norma Lewis. So she presses it, only to have her husband be the one who dies because she did not know him at all. (Anonymous)~“If you live your life as if everything is about you…. You will be left with just that…. Just You.” This quote really tells you what a selfish person Mrs. Lewis was. She was only thinking about her and Authur, how they could possibly go to Europe. Not thinking, that if she pressed that button someone would die. In the event of all of this happening in the story, I believe this Button, Button story had a lot of foreshadowing. My Claim is: Richard Matheson used Foreshadowing to have the readers better understand what was to come in Button, Button. First, you will read about the foreshadowing about when the readers first learned about the button, the second example is when Norma is…show more content…
It also gave the readers sense of understanding, they really open our minds to why the characters do the things they do. Throughout the foreshadowing examples I have shown you: When the readers first learn about the button, Secondly when the readers start to see that Norma wants to press it, and last when she does press the button. We realize how selfish Norma is. Would you be so selfish like Norma, to push a small little button that would make someone die? If you are going to push the button, would it be for the reason you get
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