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The film ' 'Forever Fever" successful evoke countless forgotten memories of the past and in particular Singapore 's history, especially in the late 1970s, because of its screenplay, the film focus on disco dance competition as its main theme, in particular the way of thinking or the mindset of Singaporean at that time. As such, I believe that this film have succeeded in making people more interested in the past.

The film ' 'Forever Fever" was set in 1977 of Singapore and the main story is about Ah Hock, the main character, who is a supermarket employee from a humble family and in order to buy his favourite motorbike, he decided to participate in a disco dance competition to win the first prize ($5000) after being inspired by John Travolta in the movie. "Forever Fever" chooses disco as the main theme which is popular between the 1970s to 1980s in Singapore but have slowly faded from the memories of Singaporean today especially the younger generations rarely or never talk about disco.

To begin, focusing on its script, it was evident that this movie attempt to evoke past memories. For instance, the movie was set in 1977 and it included Bruce Lee and John Travolta, two idols of millions of people during that time and even today they are still famous. Another obvious example is the scene when John Travolta advises Ah Hock on his fashion styles and when Ah Hock appear from the next scene the way he dressed resembles Elvis Presley thus evoke memories of the great dancers in the

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