Analysis Of Forget Tomorrow By Pintip Dunn

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In “Forget Tomorrow” by Pintip Dunn, Callie, the main character is very Caring, Fearless, and Dauntless which contributes to the way that she always will do anything for her sister no matter how hard it is. The text states, “My senses fill with my sister. The voice that lilts like music. The way her hair curves around her chin. Her eyes as warm and irresistible as roasted chestnuts.” According to the text, “Jessa is curled on the bed, her purple stuffed dog, Princess, tucked under her chin. her walls have been dimmed, so the only illumination comes from the moonlight slithering through the blinds.” (Dunn 15) This means that everything that Callie does is for her sister. Callie is so caring of her sister she will do anything for her sister.
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