Analysis Of Francoise Sagan's Novel Bonjour Tristesse

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In Francoise Sagan’s novel, Bonjour Tristesse, Cecile, the 17 year old narrator, is on vacation with her father, Raymond, with all of these other women in Raymond’s love life. The specific physical settings of the novel play significant roles in the development of the story, especially in Cecile’s plan to reunite Elsa and Raymond. One place in the novel that plays a significant role in the plot is the terrace. The terrace is a central location in the novel, where there is an escalation in the emotions of each event that take place there, as well as the development and revolution of characters. The terrace acts as a public space in the villa for Cecile and Raymond while they are on vacation. There are many emotions revealed from the character’s words and actions throughout the novel. Anne begins her stay with Raymond and Cecile by playing the role of the poise woman in Raymond’s life. For example, the day she arrives, Anne changes from her travel clothes to a nice dress before Raymond and Elsa come back from the train station. She also comes to breakfast on the terrace the first morning she is at the villa with her makeup done and ready for the day. After being with Raymond and Cecile for a while after the engagement announcement, she begins to take on a motherly attitude. This is evident when she instructs Cecile on what to eat. She says, “‘To look at all decent you ought to put on six pounds. Your checks are hollow and every rib shows. Do go and get yourself some bread

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