Analysis Of Franklin Carmichael's White Falls

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A Canadian born artist Franklin Carmichael demonstrates the beauty of the beautiful northern Ontario landscape in his serigraph “White Falls.” Carmichael used a relatively unpopu- lar medium for the time period (Andy Warhol would popularize this method in the 1960s with his piece “Maryilyn Monroe”). Although serigraphy has been used for centuries, it was only during the 1900s that photo reactive chemicals were being invent- ed to create a photo reactive stencil. Despite the challeng- es, Carmichael successfully creates the tranquil look he desires with the silkscreen method. Using a stencil and over five colors, Carmichael labors over a piece that is both time intensive and difficult.
Believing that being connected with nature was essential, “White Falls” was a piece that continued to focus on the tranquility of Canada’s beautiful scenery. Carmichael became an orig- inal member of the “Group of Seven” that began the first major Canadian art movement focusing on different areas of the Canadian landscape. In “White Falls,” Carmichael endeavours to bring the viewer into the majesty of the landscape through intimate forms. Usually, when envisioning
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Yet, in “White Falls,” a peaceful feeling is evoked throughout the piece by contrasting the tall paperbark birch stand trees, the curved gushing lines of the waterfall, and the multiple flat colors achieved
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