Laura Magreus Ramus Analysis

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The art piece, Freak Chicoreus Ramosus, by Laura Magbee immediately caught my eye when I entered the art gallery. The colors of the piece are vibrant and bright which I was attracted to. The work is also round which stoop out among the rectangular shaped pieces that made up the bulk of the gallery. At first glance, Freak Chicoreus Ramosus looks like you are looking through a strange hole and through that hole you can see a beach with a person lounging wearing a pink sunhat. The fact that the hole is framed in dark red evokes images of the womb and birth. It suggests that you are being born and are immediately being introduced to the beautiful world. The image through the hole is blurry which gives the viewer a feeling of uncertainty and makes…show more content…
The value of this painting was what originally drew me to it. There are a lot of lines in this painting that lead your eye around the piece so you can take in everything. From the line of the horizon to the shore to the woman’s hat to the outline of the conch shell, this piece always has more to see as you keep looking at it. The shapes in this painting are interesting in that it is hard to tell what you are looking at when you first view the painting. I would imagine that was the intention of the artist. If you knew everything about a painting when you first glanced at it, the painting would not be successful, intriguing, or interesting. Magbee was successful in capturing the viewers attention and keeping it by creating something beyond a pretty painting. Form is demonstrated in this painting by the closeness of the woman’s hat and the distance of the water. You know that you are viewing this scene from the beach and not the water. This conveys that the conch shell is not in its natural habitat, the ocean, and has been moved by humans. It is if this freaky conch is tattling on the humans for moving it from its home by showing us the image and the woman who took it. In addition to this, it appears that the conch is in the air which seems to say that someone is holding the shell. Space is used in this painting to show that we are looking at the outline of a conch shell. Color is used to show what we are looking out and is rich and intense, making the painting pleasing to look at. The texture of this painting is kind of slippery, as if we are seeing a moment that is bound to slip away at any

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