Analysis Of Freak Chicoreus Ramosus

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The art piece, Freak Chicoreus Ramosus, by Laura Magbee immediately caught my eye when I entered the art gallery. The colors of the piece are vibrant and bright which I was attracted to. The work is also round which stoop out among the rectangular shaped pieces that made up the bulk of the gallery. At first glance, Freak Chicoreus Ramosus looks like you are looking through a strange hole and through that hole you can see a beach with a person lounging wearing a pink sunhat. The fact that the hole is framed in dark red evokes images of the womb and birth. It suggests that you are being born and are immediately being introduced to the beautiful world. The image through the hole is blurry which gives the viewer a feeling of uncertainty and makes me feel anxious because it is hard to know exactly what you are looking at. After seeing this piece and thinking about the anxiety that looking at it gives me, I looked at the title: Freak Chicoreus Ramosus. I then googled the term “Chicoreus Ramosus” to see if that would shed light upon the subject of this painting. Chicoreus Ramosus is the scientific name for the conch shell. Once I knew this, I looked back at the painting and noticed that what I thought was a weird hole was actually the outline of a conch shell. Suddenly, it made more sense that we appeared to be looking at a blurry beach through the outline of a conch shell. This painting has a good array of value with rich colors ranging from black to white and everywhere in

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