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Frida Kahlo is one of the most influential and celebrated female artist who liked to live in constant form of self expression. With her tremulous personal life and endless sufferings which started from her childhood in the form of polio and then a bus accident along with a troubled relationship with her husband Diego Rivera served as the most significant experience in her life.
How Frida was ahead of her time, way before selfies became all the rage she saw the potential of depicting oneself. She revolutionized the much exploited self portrait division of art with her brutally honest self portraits, but unlike the modern day selfies Frida’s self portraits had more originality in them and she did not flinch away
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Painted during the separation with her husband, the mindless monkey itself indicates the character of Deago. Ironically the monkey itself was a gift to her by her husband. The dead hummingbird in her necklace painted in black to match her unibrows is also a symbol of Mexican folk tradition, were dead hummingbirds were used as charms to bring luck in love. The black cat in the background ready to prance indicates the looming danger she felt for her…show more content…
It was a time when she immensely missed the beautiful landscape and vegetation of Mexico compared to the skyscrapers and industrialization of the United States. The painting in which Frida is holding a Mexican flag in her hand while the American flag is put away clouded by the smoke symbolizes how detached she felt in that foreign land. In this painting she has intricately woven the rich culture of her motherland compared to the skyscrapers in the United States. She was artist who even gave attention to minute details of symbolism with the sun and moon shining only on the Mexican side and the wires of industrialization stretching through the underground to the vegetation are fine examples of this. Frida standing in the border line as rebellious as ever holding a cigarette is standing on a stone carved with Carmen Rivera painted her portrait in 1932 here she has used her Christian name and her husbands sir name. This could be because in America she was just the wife of Diego who sometimes liked to dabble

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