Friday Night Lights: A Classic American Football Story

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Friday Night Lights is your classic American football story. This story starts in the heart of Texas in the little town of Odessa. Odessa is about as “Texas” as Texas can get. Odessa started in the early nineteenth century oil boom. Its beginnings were just a place for the oil workers to gamble, drink beer, and to stay when they were in between jobs. Later in the nineteenth century priests and other religious groups tried to move in to change the culture of this sinful Texas town. They quickly found that there is no saving an oil worker from spending his money on booze, gambling and women. This lifestyle pretty much sticks with the town of Odessa. It begins to grow dramatically, and grows to what I would say is probably the equivalent to the size of Salina. Just as important as any oil boom as far as the town of Odessa is considered was the boom of high school football. Odessa was pretty far from any major city; so many people really had nothing to think about besides work and Odessa High School football. This made me think of our own little town, and how everyone here is so crazy about Scott High School football. I mean they were absolutely crazy about their football. They built a multi-million dollar stadium that held up to twenty thousand…show more content…
I also have a deep love for football as many of the kids in this story did. The kids in this story talked about how when they were young they would go to the games on Friday nights, and dream about what the future for them would be like. They could not wait to play for the Permian school district, and be the town heroes. This aspect of the story for me was so relatable. I too would go to Scott City Beaver games when I was young, and dream about what my future would hold as a football player. I have always wanted to be able to be a starting football player for the Scott City Beavers. So being able to finally play and start this year was truly a dream come

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