Analysis Of Gabriel Garcia Marquez's A Very Old Man With Enormous Wings

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When people think about angels, they imagine them as flawless creatures with white wings and clothing. Angels are not supposed to look as if they were about to die. Angels are supposed to speak the language of god; Latin. These ideas people have about angels make it hard for the characters of Gabriel Garcia Marquez’s story “A Very Old Man with Enormous Wings” to believe that the old man they found is an angel. This is one of the cases where people judge others by their physical appearance instead of focusing on factors that could be more important. The miracles the old man has done, his patience, and his sudden recovery in Gabriel Garcia Marquez’s “A Very Old Man with Enormous Wings” show that he is an angel. The old man has done multiple miracles in the village. Someone normal would not have done any miracle at all, but an angel would. Before the old man comes to the village, Pelayo and Elisenda’s newborn is sick with fever. This is the first miracle the old man does. When Pelayo finds the old man and brings him home, his child starts getting better; the fever disappears (Marquez 406). When this man becomes famous and more people start visiting him more miracles are done. “ the blind man who didn’t recover…show more content…
It happens after years since his arrival and it takes him days to complete it. He starts growing new feathers on his wings and looks better as time pass. One day Elisenda sees him through her window how he flies away (Marquez 409). This recovery is not something human. This man must have special powers if he is able to do such thing. This man must be an angel. It is something impossible what this man does. When he first arrives he is not able to use his wings and he does not eat at all. But he stays alive and he even gets to fly away. This may mean that his mission on earth is done and is time for him to return to his home;
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