Analysis Of Garret Hardin's Tragedy Of The Commons

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Garret Hardin’s “Tragedy of the Commons” is an article that identifies the nation’s current problems and predicaments that can’t be resolved through the use of technical solutions. Hardin’s work heavily focuses on overpopulation, a prominent and unceasing issue that significantly distorts and affects the stability of the Earth and the abundance of the planet’s resources. In his article, he mentioned some reasonable and important solutions to overpopulation, but he also explained its downside and how the said solutions may not be ideal and practical. “Tragedy of the Commons” revealed that the human population will continue to flourish and how it will be greatly detrimental to our society unless individuals get the education that they need and…show more content…
In my opinion, Hardin’s story intends to depict humans as creatures who prefer to acquire temporary rewards yet suffer in the long run than encounter a few nuisances and in the end gain more. Through Hardin’s work, people’s self-centeredness and their perspective of being the most supreme being in the universe or anthropocentrism were solidified and their role in destroying the planet was put into perspective. Based on the article, we can infer that humans have an innate behavior of acquiring more items than they need, simply put, individuals tend to be greedy. A person has a tendency to hoard supplies and goods without considering the possible consequences of her action. Moreover, the short narrative revealed that humans are more focused on obtaining their own desires than of considering the well-being and the needs of the society. In some individuals, their greediness influences the number of children they desire, thus they over breed to “secure its own aggrandizement.” As a result of this selfishness and greediness, there is now an imbalance in our resources, community, and…show more content…
As time passes, our population continues to increase and multiply; yet, on the other hand, our planet’s resources continue to decrease and deplete. As our population flourishes, human beings also increase their demands and clamor for the Earth’s natural products, yet are unable to sacrifice their surplus of the said resources. Garret Hardin’s work highlighted the reality that humans fail to remember that the Earth is finite and its resources are limited. Hardin’s article revealed that people are unable to fathom that we indeed have a moral obligation to our community and our natural habitat — that we are not our planet’s conquerors but its protectors. We fail to acknowledge and accept that we only have one Earth and that we must protect and treasure it at all costs. Despite all our attempts at annihilating the planet, the Earth will still be unrelenting — it will still continue to be present and powerful. Human beings must recognize that we need this planet more than it needs us and if we persist on being egocentric and covetous, in the end it is us who will

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