Analysis Of Gatby Interview For The Great Gatsby

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The nature of the written assignment is an interview with Nick Carraway, from the novel The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald originally published in 1925. Nick is Daisy’s cousin, Tom’s friend from college also, Gatsby’s good friend. This gave him a position that enabled him to see things from everyone’s perspectives.
I have chosen to write an interview to ask Nick about his thoughts on Gatsby’s death and if he could have prevented it. Also, to allow Nick explain how Gatsby was a victim of bad circumstances. Writing an interview allows the reader to ask questions they might have for the character hence, giving a better understanding to why things went that way in the plot for e.g. why Nick didn’t tell Tom that it wasn’t Gatsby who killed Myrtle, but Daisy.
I believe people in West Egg deserve an explanation for why Gatsby was murdered and if he was the one behind Myrtle’s death. Hence, what is best other than a radio show.
Word count: 165
Interviewer: Good evening listeners! Hope you’re enjoying your evening tonight as we have Nick Carraway with us in the studio. Carraway who has become the newspapers’ sensation after the mysterious death of the millionaire Jay Gatsby. If you don’t know who Nick or Jay Gatsby is, stay with us and you’ll discover what we’ve lost and the riches that he has left us. Nick welcome to our studio.
Carraway: Thank you!
Interviewer: So, Carraway, I know that you accepted our invitation to be here for a specific, reason but before we get
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