Analysis Of Gender Trouble By Judith Butler

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Judith Butler is an American philosopher and feminist who in her book Gender Trouble: Feminism and the subversion of identity, explore the idea whether we are assigned our gender or do we perform it based on what values we have learnt. She seeks to radically reconceptualize, challenge and help alter our ideas on how we understand gender and sex. She starts off by saying that existing feminist movement are limited in how they define gender. She says that this definition is outdated but still reflected by the world’s treatment of gender as a set of binary categories, this means that when we are born we are distinctively placed into one of the two categories i.e. male of female and these categories define how we behave. When we think of gender we think of male and female and also about their expected roles which are socially created and are considered “appropriate” for either of them, male and female. Sex is the biological makeup of a human, the internal and external reproductive organs. Many feminists have held to the idea of a firm feminine identity because they believe it is important in order to proceed with the interests of women. Without a center point for women, feminist identity politics would not be possible. However Butler points out, there are different postmodern and post-structuralism reasons to worry about the very idea of concrete identities. Gender is a set of expectation that society defines for you women and men are supposed to act and dress in a

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