Gene And Phineas: A Character Analysis

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A human 's identity is all a person has to segregate him from the rest of the world. In John Knowles novel A Separate Peace, Gene and Phineas ' are two best friends at boarding school during world war WWII. Gene 's obsession toward Phineas strikes when he has commixed feelings of jealousy and veneration for his roommate and best friend . Gene 's obsession with his best friend Phineas reaches an extreme in their relationship when Gene is so infatuated by Phineas that it begins to cause disorder among them. The obsession that Gene has on phineas causes unhealthy thoughts that lead to an unbalanced friend”.at he can feel like Phineas and not cogitate all the negativity that is circumventing him. Genes’ loss of identity momentarily, makes him forget…show more content…
For Phineas he found it in himself to forgive Gene and not take genes obsessive phase too personally, but to Gene,becoming a component of Phineas is his purpose. Phineas becomes dependent on Gene to play sports through his guidance, Gene in reciprocation becomes dependent on Phineas’ guidance, comity, and how to be the prosperous person he is. This quotation settled the Codependence between the two. This Codependence that dies with Phineas hurts Gene in an unimaginable way. Gene does not feel as though Phineas has died; but as if he a component of himself had died. Their Amity is showed in this quote exhibiting who they are as people and what they genuinely mean to each other. They are not just best friends; they are dependent on one another. Genes’ obsession toward Phineas causes him to become more dependent on him throughout the novel and without Phineas, Gene is a more vigorous
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