Analysis Of Genie: A Scientific Tragedy

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“Genie: A Scientific Tragedy” is a truly inspiring and touching story in which actions are taken when a thirteen year old girl was rescued after years of isolation. Genie, the main character, was strapped to an infant potty chair in a dark room of her dad’s house from the time she was twenty months till she was thirteen years old. This tragic action was done by her father in an attempt to “protect” what he thought was a mentally retarded child. After Genie was rescued, she was only able to speak a few simple phrases. Numerous scientists wanted to study Genie. Scientists and researchers were so eager to find more about Genie that they forgot that she was a deeply disturbed child. Irene, Genie’s mother, married a man who was more than twenty years older than her. At first they were happy in their marriage. However, Irene was demanded by Clark’s (her husband) mother. Despite Clark saying that…show more content…
It makes me tear up just thinking how much pain Genie must have gone through and also the way Genie was treated. She had no toys except for a rain coat which she was sometimes given the chance to “play” with. Genie had no one to speak to. Genie did not even learn to control her “potty” or to even eat properly. Genie was beaten up if she made noise and her father would make a barking sound when annoyed with her. When Genie was rescued, she had calluses on her bottom from sitting in a chair for such a long period of time. Genie would have to allow food to soak in her mouth for a long period of time so she could easily swallow. Genie also unfortunately resulted in a hunchback from sitting in a chair and sleeping in a baby’s crib for about twelve to thirteen years of her life. Thinking of all this breaks my heart to hear how an innocent little girl was treated. I hate knowing that someone would do these horrific, tragic actions to their own
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