Manipulation In George Orwell's 1984

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The novel 1984 makes us ruminate our society and the technology given to us today by making us second guess the power that the government can have over us. Who is behind the camera? Winston Smith, the main character in the novel has lost all his freedom to the totalitarian “Big Brother.” Winston Smith lives in a world of duplicity where everyone 's being watched at every waking moment, this terrifies Winston because he is not able to think or speak wrong opinions without having the Thought Police take him away. The horror of 1984, the complexity of the future created by Orwell is a recognizable one, even in the 21st century. It 's easy to see how those in control can, through manipulation and propaganda, make pain simply for the sake of being…show more content…
Winston secretly despised the party because it has created a dreary and dreadful, utopia society. He didn 't find a will to denounce against the party until he finds out evidence that there was people being falsely accused of going against the party. As Winston rethinks he also realizes that Obrien, an inner party member, may have the same idea as him and want to do something about this society. To do more investigating Winston starts spending time among the proletariat called the proles in the novel, they are free too oppression although they are ignorant people but seem free of party observation. To get away from the Omniscient government he rents a room that has no telescreen and spends time there writing against the party to ruminate his thoughts and feelings , Until he realizes a woman by the name of Julia is spying on him. Julia turns out leaving Winston a note to entice him by saying that she loves him, they meet in person get together and become lovers. This is an act of deception because what they are doing is considered rebellion against the party because the party is very anti sex this is an act of depravity. they investigate the possibility that there are other people like them committing perfidy and conspiring against the
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