Analysis Of George Orwell's Animal Farm

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Orwell’s important message
Animal farm is a novel written by Eric Arthur Blair, or George Orwell as he called himself when publishing his works. The book is a clear allegory of the events leading up to the
Russian revolution in 1917, and during Stalin’s regime. Orwell himself stated that every line of serious work he had written since 1936, was written against totalitarianism (Orwell, 3). In no way is Animal Farm an exception. George Orwell wrote Animal Farm to warn the English people about the dangers of Totalitarian regimes, more specifically a newly present danger - communism. As you may know, Orwell wrote the book during the second world war, when people were still unaware of how the Russian were treated by Stalin. The intellectual that he was, he felt it was his responsibility to warn them, as directly and clearly as possible. It would be interesting to understand how Orwell’s choice of setting and characters affected the message of the book.
In the very first scene of the book old Major tells the other animals of a dream he had a previous night, urging them to start a rebellion against the cruel humans. Some time after
Majors passing, the animals chase Mr. Jones and his men away from the farm. The Pigs, which are the cleverest of the animals, starts taking charge. In the beginning everything goes, and all the animals live in harmony. Nevertheless does it not take long before the pigs become greedy, taking all the milk and apples for themselves, instead of sharing. A
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