Analysis Of George Washington's Speech

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George Washington was the first to say the presidential oath , since then every president has taken one , every president has done it a little different. For example president Obama has changed it by words , so he has to do a re-do. Obama was one of the biggest turnouts at the White House because of the presidential inauguration. George Washington didn 't have much turn out but only because he was the first to do it and they didn 't have tv where they could see the tv back then so many people didn 't know where when or what was happening with him and the presidential oath. George Washington 's speech was way different from Obama 's speech in many reasons for one as I said earlier George Washington had fewer words. George washington also took the oath in new york city. People barely came to George 's and they didn 't know what was happening or when it was because they didn 't have news or tv to watch the inauguration on live they just had to wait till people talked about it. George Washington didn 't have anyone to thank before him because he was the first…show more content…
Obamas speech was different in many different ways as well for example Obama took the speech in Washington in the White House. There 's was many people there for his and everyone knew about it. Obama had lots to say and thanked the ex president in his speech. Obama had to take the oath two times because he messed up the first time and the country thought it would be better to do a re-do. Obama Thanked Bush in his speech for the work he 's done for our country. George and obama 's speech has many differences but they have similarities as well. For example they both did it to become president. They both thanked god and they talk about the nation in
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