Analysis Of 'Gerard Is A Handsome Man'

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In life we have to take some choices that can ruin our lives. Sometimes you have to give up something maybe to get something better. Fate sometimes gives us hope and a new chance to change life. When fate is giving you a new chance you need to be sure that you never make the same mistakes again. In this text we hear about Gerard who is the main character in the story. Gerard realizes the mistakes he have made and when his fate come he have a second chance to change his life and mistakes. Gerard is a handsome man in late 30’s or maybe 40’s who lives in New York. “Gerard is a handsome man” (p.1 line.34), and “Walking up fifth Avenue” (p. 2 line. 23).Gerard has a daughter named Lucy and she is eight years old. Gerard describes Lucy as his life and light. Gerard loves women but has only been in love once with Laurel. Laurel is Gerard’s old girlfriend. When Gerard used to date Laurel he also had sex with other women. One of them is Issy, Lucy’s mom. Issy was a woman, who had sex with Gerard, but one day Issy told Gerard that she is pregnant and then Laurel broke up with him. Later Gerard and Issy moved together. When Lucy is six months old her mother Issy travels to Los Angeles to fulfill her dreams as an actress. One day the fate is coming for Gerard. He meets his old love Laurel after eight years ago. Gerard is not like all other men. Gerard is one parent because Issy traveled to Los Angeles. He got a daughter and he loves her overall and she is the reason for why he is

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