Analysis Of Gerlach's Walk Two Moon

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Recent studies reveal that fear has become one of the deadliest emotion in this era. Many people have asked what actually fear is. In the article “Perspective on Fear of Abandonment: Causes, Effects, and Options” by Peter K, Gerlach, states that “Fear may develop emotional numbness and/ or selective amnesia to protect themselves from recalling their abandonment trauma and losses” (Gerlach 3). Moreover, as I read the whole novel in Walk Two Moons by Sharon Creech, I found the effect of abandonment in Sal, who is the main character. In my opinion, Sal is fearful because her mother leaves without notification. There are three different examples in which she displays fear after her mother abandons her.
The first fear that Sal displays in Walk Two Moons is to reveal her true feelings. This is illustrated when she comments “gram and gramps knew that I wanted to see momma, but I was afraid to” (Creech 5). From that point it clearly shows that as a thirteen-year-old girl there is a lot pressure underneath her. At first, she is frightened to confess her feeling towards grandparents. As
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In the novel, her mother dies when she was going to visit her cousins in Idaho. Her mother does not drive herself to Idaho because she has a trouble with driving alone. As a result, she takes the bus and unfortunate things happen to her. The bus experiences a tremendous accident which causes her mother dies. At the same time, Sal remarks that “I prayed that we would not be in an accident (I was terrified of cars and buses) and that we would get there by my mother’s birthday-seven-days away and that we would bring her home” (Creech 7). Every time she rides a bus or a car, she always remembers in which her mother died in a bus accident. This is why, when she passes the trees, she asks to the tree not to involve in any kind of accident. She definitely does not want to experience the same accident as her mother
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