Analysis Of Girl Interrupted

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Girl Interrupted was a really good movie and I really enjoyed watching it. I tend to like these types of movies more than other movies because they are interesting and capture the audience’s attention. The characters each had their own story to tell and each of them were tragic and as the movie went on you could see how the girls dealt with being in the mental institutions. They all developed some type of relationship which was not completely healthy but the viewers ended up watching how things with all of them turned out. Susanna the main character, who was played by Winona Ryder, was sent by her parents to the mental institution after attempting to end her own life. She is diagnosed with having borderline personality disorder which I agree with. To be diagnosed with borderline personality disorder a person must meet five of the nine symptoms. Susanna attempts suicide by drinking a “cocktail” of aspirin and…show more content…
If I were to diagnose her I would diagnose her with histrionic personality disorder. Five symptoms Lisa shows are; being uncomfortable with not being center of attention, interaction with others is characterized as inappropriate sexually seductive or provocative behavior, rapidly shifting or shallow emotion, vain or self centered, and uses physical appearance to draw attention to one’s self. One example of Liza showing these symptoms is when Daisy commits suicide and she feels nothing she just tells Susanna that they should keep moving and leaves Susanna alone after she decides to stay and call for help. There is also Georgina who is Susanna’s roommate who I would diagnose with antisocial disorder. One of the five symptoms she shows is deceitfulness, in the beginning she tells Susanna she’s a pathological liar. Other symptoms are irritability or aggressiveness, reckless disregard for other’s safety, consistent irresponsibility and
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