Analysis Of Gloria Watkin's Essay Keeping Close To Home

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While talking about the child's choices referring to the future career, a lot of parents might be prejudiced and biased. Probably, not even realizing it, they do no want to let their child live his or her own life and to make his or her own decisions. On the contrary, there are families, in which parents do not support their children at all and even try to restrain the child from becoming an independent person because they are afraid of losing their only child. Gloria Watkin describes such a problem in her well-known essay Keeping Close to Home. According to the narration of her essay, her parents were increasingly opposed to the Gloria's decision to move study away from home. Nevertheless, with time and experience, Gloria realized that parents' resistance to this decision was based on their unwillingness to let the child away from home and family roots, which were important for each branch of the heritage. Basically, her parents discourage Gloria's academic goals by insisting on the fact that books would not make her a…show more content…
Therefore, even despite an apparent opposite position of the parents, they were able to make a necessary contribution to the Gloria's success in her academic goals. Particularly, when it comes to decisions concerning the future education and career choices, the parents' support can be very variable, even up to the completely opposite approaches. For instance, I know many families, where parents share the same behavior as the Gloria's parents while sometimes the conflict of interests reaches the point, where the parents physically do not let the child out of the house to prevent any actions against their

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