Analysis Of Goblin Market By Christina Rossitti

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This essay aims to explore the relationship between trade within the goblin market and the sexuality that is heavily implied within the text of the poem. The poem “Goblin Market” is written by Christina Rossitti in 1859, right in the middle of the Victorian era. During this time, unmarried women were discretely searching for husbands. They could not speak to a man without a married women present. Doctors were spreading that young ladies did not have feelings in regards to a sexual appetite. While young men on the other hand did, and they could find themselves prostitutes to relieve their sexual feelings. Rossitti insists her poem is that of a mythical nature written for children of all kind. Yet, while reading through, it is very hard to believe it is written without any sexual tendencies as two girls discuss the trade of fruit for money or parts of themselves. The poem starts with a list of fruits for which the goblins have for purchase. All described as “plump, wild-free, fresh, full, fine, rare and sweet.” They chant their song, with “Come buy, Come buy” a tune only young maidens are able to hear. Enticing one of the two ladies, she hides in the rushes one moonlight waiting for the goblins to come to her. At the request for purchase, she mentions how she does not have any metal within her possession, only gold of the fruze at her home. The goblins take this as a trade, or barter, as they look at Laura and see all the “gold” that is a top her head. With their request,
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