Analysis Of 'Going To The Olympics' By Frank Romero

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During the year 1984, Frank Romero made a mural named “Going to the Olympics.” This beautiful piece represents the Los Angeles area of rich heritage and an everyday system of transportation and work. Covering the painting, there are different objects laid out like cars and palm trees. The cars represent the L.A. community on how we use cars for work or pleasure. The palm trees are across Los Angeles, showing our finely grown palm trees that we see everyday. Then there is the GoodYear blimp, that we use during special sporting events to get aerial coverage, like the olympics. The flying iron is Flash Gordon’s spaceship used by Buster Crabbe, the first multi-medal athlete of 1934's LA Olympics, who later portrayed Flash Gordon in the movie series.The men tackling each other shows our tough spirit in the Los Angeles area and how rough strong our character is. The horse…show more content…
Romero’s opinion on car culture is that it is everybody connected into one community with it. Everyone in Los Angeles loves their cars because it is involved in their daily business and is universally shared by a great population. The artist’s choice of colors show a very vivid and alike mix like that of Los Angeles. The colors shown on the mural are mainly red, green, yellow, and blue. The red and yellow represents the usual sunshine that Los Angeles gets on a daily basis. The blue shows the blue skies and the ocean. Last is the green that shows the palm trees that regularly grow in Los Angeles. The colors have an effect on the community because of its natural beauty and it exemplifies how much a community is connected without their notice. Romero could also say that cars don’t connect our community and are just in the picture for his own personal choice. However, cars in L.A. are a tradition and people love their cars for either business or

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