Analysis Of Gok Wan Through Thick And Thin

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Introduction The book, “Gok Wan Through Thick and Thin” is an autobiography book that was published in 2010 and written by Gok Wan where he have revealed about all the life changing period of his life. In the 31 chapters of the book, Wan narrated his loving childhood in growing up in a council estate, his teenage years where he was cruelly bullied in school because of being gay and weighing a staggering 294 pounds, his battle to anorexia, and his journey in London in becoming something for himself. Nevertheless, the lessons he have learned in all the stages in his life and the love he have received from his family have helped him redeemed himself to become one of the most sought out personality in the styling business. Also, the book has been a source of inspiration tool for Gok Wan to inspire women to accept their bodies and conquer their insecurities based from what he has experienced in his life. Remarkably, since food has played an important role to Gok’s life, having grown up in a Chinese family who ran their own restaurant, the book featured special Chinese recipes which Wan has learned from some people who greatly impacted his life. Summary Gok Wan started the book in describing how his family was bonded by food in which there quality time was mostly spent in eating at their Chinese restaurant. Due to his immense love for food, it was no doubt about being fat when he was still a kid. Moreover, being the youngest in the family, he have received and shared the good

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