Analysis Of Good Country People

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In the short story, “Good Country People”, by Flannery O’Connor there is a heartthrob in town. Manley Pointer is a charming, young, country boy who wants nothing more but to spread the word of God in small rural towns near his. There is so much more to Manley than what meets the eye, not only is he a young, honest, country boy, he is also dying. Instead of wallowing in self pity from the knowledge of his diagnosis, Manley still continues to share and sell the Bible which is seen as remarkable by many. Manley’s irresistible charm and exuberance make him even more appealing to the customers which can potentially make his job a bit easier. In the beginning of the story it seems as if all Manley wants to do is spread the word of God but in a closer look of the text it is evident he is a con artist, he is deceptive, and he is twisted.…show more content…
He lies about who he really is, he makes up a story about being a poor country boy, and he also lies about believing and following the word of God. Manley did this on purpose. He used these ways of deception to get in their head and manipulate them. By presenting himself as a poor country boy with a heart condition, who was spreading God’s word and selling Bibles to do so, he got the women to invite him into their home. Manley was very persistent toward the women once they opened the door. In his head he knew if he would have made himself out to be any other way he would not of gotten that invitation. His deception appealed to the women because they had not known any better. They assumed he was who he said he was and that was Manley's goal all along. While inside he kept his deceptive story going trying to make himself more appealing. Manley’s charisma is what seemed seal the deal. He acted respectful, polite, and as if he was a real good country person. The Hopewells had no other choice than to believe he was who he said he was because his lies were that
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