Analysis Of Gossip Girl

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There was a news article about a woman who tricked NBA star Chris Andersen (given the nickname Birdman) into a relationship with a 17-year-old aspiring model, Paris Dunn. Shelly Chartier, now 33, dropped out of school in sixth grade and spent years cultivating online personas. She lived in poverty and never went to the doctor or dentist, causing her to lose most of her teeth. She has famously catfished both Chris Anderson and Paris Dunn into thinking they were talking to each other. Chartier said on ABC's 20/20: 'I went through a period where I didn’t leave my house for 11 years.' Chartier arranged a real-life meeting between the two by asking Dunn to fly from Los Angeles to Denver in which they apparently had no clue they were communicating…show more content…
The return of "it girl" Serena van der Woodsen to the Upper East Side serves as the first season's focal point. Serena's disappearance and sudden return are announced by the anonymous blogger that everyone follows named “Gossip Girl”. The news reaches Blair Waldorf who was Serena’s former best friend before she suddenly disappeared. However, Blair confronts Serena and the rift resolves in reconciliation between the two and temporary peace follows. Meanwhile, siblings Dan and Jenny Humphrey who are Brooklyn residents, are fascinated by the opulent wealth of their classmates. Young Jenny starts to shadow anything Blair does, while Dan enters a relationship with…show more content…
Michael Oher is a famous well-known story of someone going from having absolutely nothing, being poor and homeless for several years, to turning his life around for the better and finally ending up in the NFL. The story of Oher is inspirational and gives hope for all of those people with athletic desires who are living in poverty to fulfill their dreams and that anything is possible. Although, this interpretation and media frame provides false hope for all of those living in poverty because it is quite difficult to break the poverty chain. Realistically, contrary to popular belief, the American Dream is not something that anyone can reach. Big Little Lies is a television show that depicts the lives of several wealthy families and their conflicts between the mothers and their children, who are in kindergarten. Jane is a single mother who moves to the region with her child Ziggy. She soon runs into Madeline, who has a daughter of the same age and they quickly become friends. Madeline introduces Jane to Celeste and the three spark a close friendship, as they bond over their hatred for another mother, Renata. All of the mothers get tied into an on-going murder investigation, where the victim remains a mystery until the final episode of the first
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