Analysis Of Greek Mythology

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Ivonne Porta
Ms. Tanisha Elliott
February 2, 2015
Comparative and analysis paper A legend is a story from the past that is told from generation to generation and is commonly believed but not proven to be true. A myth is the same thing; the only difference being that it doesn’t have a hero of some sort, it is more of a natural phenomenon that is explained through symbolism. Myths are more about gods and cultures and they have a meaning behind it. Legends are more about imaginative elements. Both are stories told throughout time. In this quarter, the class of 8th grade has been reading Greek mythology by Edith Hamilton. Greek mythology is all about myths and gods. In Greece, Greek Mythology counts as legends. People in Greece actually
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Creusa and Ion is a myth in The House of Athens and in Greek Mythology. Creusa and Ion is about Creusa, the sister of Procris and Orithyia. She was captured by Apollo when she was a girl. He raped her in a cave, leaving her pregnant. She had her baby and left it in the cave to die. She then returned sometime after to find no trace of her baby. She fears that the child was carried away by a large bird. Later on, she marries Xuthus. Xuthus desired a son. So they went to Delphi to ask the gods for a son. In Delphi, Creusa goes up to the sanctuary and sees a man. She starts to talk to him and learns how he was orphaned and left at the temple stairs. After hearing this story, Creusa is angered by the fact that the prophet is making him her Xuthus’ son. However, a priestess comes with the veil and cloak that was left with Ion when he was baby, which causes to Creusa realizing that Ion is her abandoned son. Then a vision of Athena appears confirming that Ion is Creusa’s abandoned son. The family now leaves with a son to live happily. The difference of these stories is that Creusa is raped and then finds her son to live happily. But in “La Llorona” Maria kills her children out of anger and…show more content…
One similarity is that both women leave their sons to die. And although they leave them to die, they still care about them very much. Another similarity is that both women are described as very beautiful, but one of them has too much pride. Both of them marry and live happily, only Maria’s happiness is broken because her husband only pays attention to their children and becomes jealous of them. Both of the women in the stories wanted a happy family. They wanted to live happy. Another similarity would be that both of the men they marry are foreign to their land. Meaning that both of the men that the women married came from another land seeking for wife and children. Both stories give the message that women want family and most men do. Sometimes women can do careless things because of their emotions, they are not perfect. As said before there are a few similarities and more
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