Analysis Of Hamlet's Actions Justified In Hamlet

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In Shakespeare 's Hamlet, King Hamlet is unexpectedly killed. When King Hamlet 's ghost visits his son, the ghost tells Prince Hamlet, that his death was intentional. Spurred on by his father, he resumes to immediately plan for revenge. Prior to his seek for revenge, King Claudius had wed Hamlet 's mother, Gertrude, causing an already forming animosity between the uncle and nephew, to thicken. Polonius, Claudius ' court advisor, had a daughter, Ophelia, who was to become Hamlet 's love interest. Later on Ophelia dies due to drowning after she discovers her father 's death and Hamlets non-romantic feelings for her. Ophelia 's brother, Laertes, now wants to avenge her and his father 's death through scheming with Claudius to kill Hamlet. In the end, practically everyone dies, including Hamlet himself. Despite the fact that Hamlet did avenge his father, did he conclusively do what was right? Were Hamlet 's actions justified? Evidence from the story tells me that Hamlet wasn 't justified in his treatment of Gertrude and Ophelia or his delay in the Claudius ' murder. Furthermore, Hamlet was justified in the killing of King Claudius.
One of the few reasons why Hamlet 's actions were not justified, was his treatment of his mother, Gertrude. Although there is reason for Hamlet to have harsh feelings for her after immediately marrying her dead husband 's brother, Gertrude was not the antagonist. Hamlet 's revenge should have been solely aimed toward Claudius. He instead projected his
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