Analysis Of Happiness By Don Ruiz

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Reading this book has made me think twice about a lot of my ways of thinking. It has made me reevaluate many of my thought processes about people and life. It has shown me great ways of staying positive and projecting that positiveness on to others. If more people could take in these outstanding lessons I believe the world would be over flowing with loving relationships full of happiness. In this book Don Ruiz puts a spot light onto all the fear formed beliefs that seem to lead to negative outcomes for our love based relationships. He shares incredible Toltec stories with us to set us on the right track to healing our wounds. Ruiz gives us a perfect guide to refilling our relationships with love and happiness. The wisdom Ruiz is sharing with…show more content…
Often with happiness and love we find ourselves in a very similar situation. Once we choose to love others one hundred percent, we are filled to the brim with happiness. Nobody could present us with more happiness or love because we 've gotten all we could ever desire and more! We have a never ending supply! But If at times we feel like we have run out of love and/or happiness and someone comes along and offers us just a bit we reach out to snatch it up. We reach for all that we can get even if it comes at a high price. So often we begin bad relationships just because we feel we are lacking love and happiness and we want so badly for someone to share just a bit of theirs with us. As hard as it may seem at times what we really need is to accept ourselves and be happy with who we are. Then we will never need another being to make us feel that way. And once we have poured love onto ourself we may then begin pouring it onto to…show more content…
Unconditional love tells us that each and every person is perfect. We don 't need to change anything about anyone else or ourselves to become perfect. We already are perfect. We just need to recognize this perfection and treat ourselves and others accordingly. Unfortunately, we have swallowed ideas and concepts that translate into feelings that tell us we are not perfect and that other people are not perfect either. And we treat ourselves and others as such. We blame ourselves and others for feeling bad, feeling worthless, feeling that there is no way for us to escape the hell on earth we find ourselves in where the parasites of fear, and grief, and suffering rule everything we do. However, The Mastery of Love tells us we can change these negative thoughts and emotions by becoming a master over them and replacing them with the love that is our natural given right. We have already mastered all of the negative feelings of how to be angry, jealous, envious, sorrowful, self-rejecting, other rejecting. The Mastery of Love tells us how to, well...master

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