Analysis Of Hard Times By Charles Dickens

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In this paper, I will analyse Hard Times which was wrote by Charles Dickens (1812-1870). Also I will mention about Thomas Gradgrid, imaginary and emotions. Firstly, I will give some information about Dickens’s life and works. Charles was a very prolific author. Also, he was a journalist, novelist, editor, illustrator and social commentator. Dickens started his career anonymously. His first fragment was published in The Monthly Magazine in December 1833. Dickens retained to publish anonymously until 1834 while his writing, The Boarding House, published with the signature ‘The Inimitable Boz’. Dickens reflected impact and aspect of misery on the society in that period. Also he reflected social aspects of the society including of the poor, peasant, workers, landlords, the rich and the state. He wrote essays about his experiments and investigations in the parliament. In this novel, Dickens emphasized the Utilitarian education, the arrogance of the middle and upper class, and the industrial revolution. Every character got into difficulty in this novel. There weren’t emotions and imaginary. The most important thing was facts. There was a conflict between facts and imaginary. Gradgrid based on James Mill who was the leader of utilitarian. Utilitarianism is a philosophy based on a minimalist view of man that understood human nature in terms of economic relations alone. He claims that education should be solely useful and well-grounded, allowing no place for visionary.
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