Analysis Of Harlan Coben's The Undercover Parent

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Anthony B. Shumate
January 22, 2018
Jon Thomas
God’s Eye
Parents: all you have ever done is raise your children; however, you may say we cannot control what our children see or hear, which may be true. Harlan Coben’s “The Undercover Parent,” targets the battle between parenthood and childhood, trust, privacy, protection, and overprotection. The world can be a scary place, but the Internet can be scarier. On the Internet, anyone can put anything they want; for example, criminals are online and doing bad things for anyone to see including your children. So why not find out if your children are looking at things you do not want them seeing? I agree with Coben; parents should step in and make sure their children are behaving appropriately on the internet.
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At dinner, Coben found spyware absurd and as an invasion of privacy, when he first found out his friends put spyware on their computers; after research, Coben now suggests that parents putting spyware on their computer is “Scary. But a good idea. Most parents won’t even consider it” (21). Spyware is a simple software that can be easily downloaded to your computer to check your child’s activities. It is what we find there that may be frightening. Parents can find their children witnessing violence, sexual content, and nudity through spyware. This scares parents right away because many do not want to know about these horrible cases that children can witness at such a young
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