Analysis Of Harlem Sweeties By Langston Hughes

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What does it mean to be an American? Some people associate being an American or living the American lifestyle with being married, having children and living in a nice house that includes a white picket fence. In other words, a simple, content, settlement of living. Another mindset that people have of being American is being successful in this country, making a lot of money, and having many luxuries. The American lifestyle is the representation of living a better life, but in some situations, people still faced the struggles of being an American. In one aspect, being American is all about growth and prosperity of a more desirable lifestyle. Langston Hughes expresses his emotions towards America very vividly. He elegantly characterizes the black women of all different shapes, sizes, and shades in his poem “Harlem Sweeties”. Hughes demonstrates this by stating, “Coffee and cream, Licorice, clove, cinnamon To a honey-brown dream. Ginger, wine-gold, Persimmon, blackberry, All through the spectrum Harlem girls vary— So, if you want to know beauty’s Rainbow-sweet thrill, Stroll down luscious, Delicious, fine Sugar Hill.” This shows Langston’s initial depictions of Harlem. The American author certainly promotes his values in a positive manner. W. E. B Du Bois has a different point of view of what it might mean to be an American. William Edward Burghardt was one of the people that faced the struggles of being an American. Du Bois did not feel very welcomed or thrilled
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