Harold Rose's Wedding Dress Analysis

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Register to read the introduction…However appearances are deceiving and nothing is what it appears to be. The film opens with Michael driving down a street in his blue VW van. He has a napkin with an address on it and is looking for the house number he has written down. This is the first oddity in the film as one would think that someone would know where their brother lived and would not need to scribble it down sketchily on a napkin. Once he finds the house and introduces himself, Rayanne answers saying that her husband never mentioned having a brother. This is a second oddity as one would think that the topic of siblings would be brought up before you were married. However after much persistence on Michael 's part and Rayanne questioning aloud whether or not he was actually a killer, she finally lets him inside. Being polite, she asks him if he would like something to drink which he accepts as long as it is not too much trouble. As Rayanne is looking through the refrigerator she makes a remark, "I could have sworn there were beers in here just yesterday," while Michael uncomfortably looks around at his surroundings. This raises a warning flag to the viewer that her husband is possibly an…show more content…
Michael then grabs her hand, which she willingly takes, and leads her out the front door all while her husband is yelling at her in the background. She gets in the blue VW van with Michael, still in her wedding dress, and they drive away without another word. This leaves the viewer with several questions. Who was Michael? Did someone close to Rayanne recognize what was happening and send him to get her out? Or was he actually a killer that just stumbled on a bad situation? When Rayanne questioned him being a killer while he was on her doorstep he said jokingly, "I generally like to know people a little better, before I kill them." So maybe he was not kidding and he was using the opportunity to get to know her before he killed her, but seeing the bruises made him pause. Either way Wedding Dress showed that the most perfect situations may not always be what they seem. Domestic abuse is a real problem and the film showed an idealized version of the victim being rescued and taken out of the bad situation. We do not know what happened to her next, but the fact that she was taken out of the abusive situation is something that most people who deal with abuse only dream
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