Analysis Of Harry Potter And The Philosopher's Stone

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Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone

Life wouldn’t be the same, if people weren’t able to connect through friendship. The book Harry potter and the philosopher’s Stone written by J.K. Rowling in 1997 is about a boy who finds out he is a famous wizard, but more importantly finds a place where he belongs. The sense of belonging somewhere is important to kids and the story of a boy who starts out as loner, but ends up with a lot of friends is something that many children will find attractive to read about. This book can not just be read by children, but also by grown ups who might find the characters charming, but also will realize some of the deeper connections in the book.

The Book Harry potter and the Philosophers Stone has a third person
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He has five older brothers who all either went or are going to Hogwarts. This puts an enormous pressure on him. ‘Everyone expects me to do as well as the others, but if I do, it’s no big deal, because they did it first’ (p. 75, l. 15-17). This shows how he feels that he is often overlooked because of his brothers succes. At the end of the book however he is personally rewarded by Dumbledore the headmaster of the school, and his brother Percy brags about it to the other prefects: ‘My brother, you know, My youngest brother! Got past McGonagall’s giant chess set.’ (p. 221, l. 16-17) Which means that he will be able to do fine and even from time to time being able to step out of the shadow of his…show more content…
The most obvious ones are friendship and love as this is something recurring. There are also other themes such as bravery, finding a home and good vs. evil. There are also a lot of messages. Some of them are meant for children. Those are often related to friendship and written down directly such as: ‘I think I can tell who the wrong sort are for myself [about making friends with the wrong sort of wizards]’ (p. 81, l. 31). This is meant for children to know that they should always choose their friends for themselves and not let anyone tell them who they should be friends with. Reading it as an older reader one discovers that there are a lot of hidden messages too. J. K. Rowling criticises a lot of aspects in society. One of the things she adresses is discrimination. In magical world people who come from muggle families are looked down upon. This parallels to the real world where people are being treated like less because of their skincolor, religion, sexuality or gender. Another aspect are the problems of poverty. The Weasleys are very poor and we see the consequences with Ron who never has had anything new is limited compared to some of the other
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