Analysis Of Healthcare Care Reform 101 By Rick Panning

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Many people believe healthcare reform is a bad idea and that the government should stay away from healthcare. However, there are many other people who believe that it is a great thing that the government got involved, and created programs to register for mandatory health-care. In, “Healthcare Reform 101”, author Rick Panning discusses some of the main goals of the Affordable Healthcare Act, which are universality, financing, cost reduction, payment reform, quality and process improvement, prevention and wellness. As most of these goals are in some way or form about money, “one could easily argue that the ACA is more about payment reform, than true comprehensive healthcare reform…” (Panning 107). It is safe to assume that, that this what…show more content…
As for me, I am leaning towards in favor of the policy. What I like about the Affordable Care Act, is the new redesigned website to purchase health care. This website makes it a whole lot easier to navigate and compare insurances, and purchase the best one suited to an individual’s needs. One of the other selling points for me, is now every Texan, and as well as American, will have to buy health insurance thus leaving the taxpayers off the hook. The reason being is that before whenever an uninsured individual wound up at the hospital or doctor’s office, it was the American taxpayer that had to pay for those specific individuals inability to pay for the medical costs. This forced hospitals to raise prices and request more government funding to be compensated from said individuals bill. Although I believe that healthcare should be free for all people instead of capitalized, that is not the way this country works. Sometimes when there is just no option to receive care in this country, people will do drastic things to survive. One instance that comes to mind was a story I read taking place in Oregon. A homeless man held up a bank for one dollar, who then waited silently for officers to arrest him. And the reason? To receive free health care in prison (Bennett-Smith, “Timothy Alsip, Oregon Homeless Man, Robs Bank For $1, Asks To Go To Jail To Access

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