Analysis Of Heda Margolius Kovaly's Under A Cruel Star

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In the 1986 novel Under A Cruel Star: A Life in Prague 1941-1968. Is based off of the actual events that occurred in the authors Heda Margolius Kovaly’s ife. The memoir explains her struggle of escaping during the Holocaust and surviving during WW2 under the totaliariat rule of Adolf Hitler and Joseph Stalin. In post war Czechleslovakia many of it’s citizens embraced the idea of a communist society. Utilizing the information given in Kovaly’s memoir and the textbook, I believe most citizens were embracing towards communisim because they (the citizens) were under the impression that the democracy let the Nazi party take over and failed to defend the country against Hitler. The Nazi and the communist both relied on the perpetuation of fear, violence, scapegoating, and misinformation to accomplish…show more content…
In Czechslovakia some of it’s citizens embraced Communism because they wanted it for the well being of the common good. (Kovaly 56). The main reason citizens of post war Czechleslovakia embraced Communism was because Communism was based off the belief that there is only one class th middle class and there wiuld be an eual distribution of wealth. Although at first people embraced communism, communism was not so kind to it’s citizens. In the memoir Heda’s Rudolph is pput on trial, a show trial if you will. Show trials were a judiaciary trials held in public places to influence the public opinion rather than ensuring justice.This trial was known as the Sanksy trial. In the novel Rudoplph was placed on trial because he was accused of being spy, traitor and a sabetour. He was tortured and forced to confess into a crime he did not commit. I believe this unfortunate incient showed the pople of an example of how corrupt the government was. After her husband’s trial Heda was treated unfairly. People assumed that she was associated with the crimes her husband was accused of , For this reason she
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