Analysis Of Henry James's Short Story Daisy Miller

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Henry James’s short Story Daisy Miller: A Study is about an American girl, named Daisy, who is roaming Europe with her family. Beginning in Switzerland, Daisy meets a man named Mr. Winterbourne who is also an American but resides in Europe. They hit it off eventually and seem to be attracted to one another but neither make a move. The following winter, Daisy travels to Europe and Winterbourne follows to meet friends of his own; her family follows of course. While in Rome, Daisy gets acquainted with a man named Mr. Giovanelli. Mrs. Walker, Winterbourne’s friend, and Winterbourne try to warn Daisy many of times that being friends with Mr. Giovanelli is hurting her reputation and that if she goes out at night with him she will catch malaria from the mosquitoes. Daisy catches the fever and dies shortly after. This is difficult for Winterbourne because he realizes he liked Daisy and should have told her how he felt. Daisy sort of played him because she would act like her and Mr. Giovanelli were engaged at times when they actually were not. This shows what kind of person Daisy is: an American. There are three minor characters that show Daisy’s true colors. Those characters being Mrs. Miller, Randolph Miller, and Mrs. Walker. This essay will discuss moments within the text where these minor characters make comments that help us understand what kind of person Daisy Miller is. In the opening scene of the story, Winterbourne and Daisy cross paths for the first time. Winterbourne
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