World Order Summary

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The book World Order by Henry Kissinger offers an opportunity for the promotion of the understanding of the ground of international harmony and of the global disorder. The book is seeking to answer the question concerning the factors that contribute to the establishment of the world order and determine the relations on the international level. The chapters of the book are devoted to different issues that create in combination a common picture regarding the modern world order. In the Chapter 6 of the book, the author raises a topic of the Asian countries and their influence on the world order. In the chapter, he examines whether the emerging postcolonial eastern countries tend to confront or to create the positive conditions for cooperation…show more content…
The chapter emphasises the decisive role of the United States in terms of shaping the modern world order and introducing the values of the highest importance due to its model. The independent position of the United States has contributed to its establishment as the world power, and their principle of seeking freedom and dignity rather than dominance were positively influencing the developements within the country. However, with the expansion of the contry and strenghtening of its role in the world, the consirations of power have changed. Thus, the policies have also changed, and the United States felt obliged to promote their understanding and their ideas all over the globe. The first President to make claims about the world importance of the United States was Theodore Roosvelt who believed that the foreign policy was aimed at imposing the American policy for the balance of global powers. Woodrow Wilson appeared to be another personality who believed in the role of the US in promotion of democracy. He was seeking to keep America neutral in international relations performing the role of mediator, which was enhanced by the establishment of international organizations. Franklin Roosvelt also continued the line, and promoted the idea of international peace based on the American…show more content…
On the one hand, the world community is observing the arrival of the new powers, such as China. On the other hand, the established order is secured and defended by the systems that contributed to its development. The understanding of how the modern countries view the world order and what has led to the current global political situation is of high relevance in determining the way of behavior in the conditions of current world order. It is essential to understand the bases on which the situation is based in order to be able to asses which actions to take if something gets to flow in the other way. The recognition of China as the central power of modern Asia and understanding of its role as one of leading powers in the global world is necessary for the development of relationships with the country. It is crucial to know the nature of the power and to realize how this power is implemented and used within definite society in order to find the correct approach to the country and to find the correct ways of integrating that power in the world
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