Analysis Of Here's To Your Health By Joan Dunayer

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The article “Here’s to Your Health” by Joan Dunayer explains how the alcohol industry invests a large amount of money to keep their product from being branded with negative publicity. Dunayer speaks on a particular example of how a teenage boy consumed by peer pressure binges on hard liquor not knowing the consequences until it 's too late to fix the effects (Dunayer). Afterward wondering who to blame for the incident beside the group of teenagers, but it has no remedy because it is a social problem. With the thought and reflection of the major influence that makes people drink is advertisements; furthermore, because they paint an image of success and indeed promote social popularity. Most importantly, these companies carry out tactics so well that nothing can obstruct them, such evidence states that this industry spends near half a billion dollars annually to hide the real effects of what alcohol really does. Finally, Dunayer exposes negative effects alcohol creates like cancer, memory issues, and sexual dysfunctions which are not irreversible. The difference between a business and a successful one is…show more content…
Another ruthless industry that abuses the advertisement rights to the fullest extreme is a common place visited by everyone known to us a fast food restaurant. This industry delivers to its customers, that walking into their establishment would be like an experience like walking on the red carpet headed towards the Oscar ceremony. Therefore, contemplation kicks in at the sight of one of these establishments when hunger takes over the battle is lost by refusing. Because the thought its faster and cheaper to spend some cash on the dollar menu for a bite than to spend a long time in the kitchen. Methods of fast food industry, are so conniving that being brainwashed never crosses the mind. In addition to this trance as well as believing that everything they sell is the freshest and healthy. So its hypnotizing everything this industry does to control their

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