Analysis Of Hey Come On Out-T

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Introduction “Activities such as burning fossil fuels, pollution, habitat destruction and overfishing are profoundly impacting life on Earth” (FOSS Mass Extinctions). I believe nature 's needs are more important than ours. We are the cause of all of the things aforementioned and we will be the cause of the next mass extinction. Hey-y come on Out-t Many real and fictional examples support my claim and have brought me to my conclusion, including a fictitious story called, “Hey-y come on out-t” (written by Shinichi Hoshi in 1989). is a fictional story in which humans find a seemingly bottomless pit. Seeing this, they decide to throw things in, including dead bodies, nuclear waste, old documents and any other form of unwanted trash into the pit. These people saw an opportunity and took it, but they didn 't care about the repercussions and almost forgot about what they were doing. This story supports my claim because we do this everyday, for many years we just threw all of our waste in the ocean, even now we still throw all of our waste in landfills as they pile up so high they can be mistaken as mountains. Not many of us care about how we are affecting the environment, not many people think about plastic wrappers they carelessly throw away, but every fine detail is important. The people of “Hey-y Come on Out-t” would soon find out how the pit wasn’t bottomless. It leads right back to them filling their own world with the very trash they plagued the pit with about.
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