Analysis Of High Noon

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Get ready for the high thrilling adventure of High Noon, starring Gary Cooper as Marshal William Kane, Grace Kelly as Amy Fowler Kane, and Ian MacDonald as Frank Miller. Other major stars include Katy Jurado and Lloyd Bridges. The movie is directed by Fred Zinnemann and produced by Stanley Kramer. I liked that the movie had a clear display of narrative that moved in a linear motion that was fairly easily to follow, the movie also revealed itself in real time which is a major benefit that allows an easy interpretation of the material. High noon is set in the town of Hadleyville, a typical western town with a salon, hotel and a train depot. The movie starts with three men meeting just outside of town and then riding through town together. As soon as they ride into town some of the townspeople recognize them as the old posse of Frank Miller, a convicted murderer that was sent to trial up north. The posse rides to the train depot and asks if the noon train is on schedule. The movie then pans to the Marshal’s office where there is a wedding ceremony taking place between the Marshal William Kane and Amy, a Quaker woman. Soon after the wedding the Marshal retires, however moments later the man in charge of the train depot comes into the Marshals office and tells him of the three men in the posse waiting for the noon train that is supposedly carrying Frank Miller, who got pardoned by the northern people. The Marshal and Amy were going to move to another place before they heard of
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