Analysis Of High Street Fashion

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Introduction The category that I have chosen is high street fashion. According to Longman’s dictionary, high street refers to the main street of a town where most of the shops and businesses are. High street fashion are stores are usually chain stores that are found on the main street. High street fashion brands usually take the latest international trends seen on the run way, mixing them with the influences that are seen on the street and reworking them into comfortable and easy to wear garments sold at affordable prices. An example of high street fashion stores in Singapore can be found in Orchard Road. They are Topshop, Zara, H&M, Pull and Bear, Uniqlo, Newlook, Cotton on, Factorie, Bershka and Forever21. High street fashion brands targets woman, man and kids. Their main target audience is fashion conscious woman aged between 18-30 who shop on a budget. They are usually interested in fashion trends, conscious about their looks and enjoy shopping and socialising. STEEP Analysis Social Trends Over the years, there has been fewer births in Singapore. This has caused Singapore to suffer from an ageing population.The proportion of citizens aged 65 years and above increased from 11.7% in 2013 to 12.4% in 2014 causing the median age of the citizen population to rise from 40.0 years in 2013 to 40.4 years in 2014 (2014 Population in Brief, 2015). This demographic change may affect high street fashion brands that targets solely teenagers. However, this can also be viewed as an

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