Analysis Of Hills Like White Elephant By Ernest Hemingway

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Title of the story: Hills Like White Elephant by Ernest Hemingway Plot: An American man and his girlfriend drinking at a bar while waiting for an express train to Madrid in a Spanish setting. They ordered drinks and the girl pointed out that the hills look like a white elephant to which the American guy replied he has never seen one. The girl suggested he would not have seen them and this prompted the American to reply that just because she say that, it does not mean he would not have seen one. They ordered alcohol and then fights over the taste of them. The guy suggested for them to have a good time. The girl agreed and then told him that the hills do not really look like a white elephant . The American man suggested another drink and mentioned simple operation to which he promised to be with her during the operation and everything will be fine afterward. The guy then told her that everyone who went through that operation were all right and happy to which the girl agreed. The guy then dispassionately suggested that the girl does not have to do the operation if she does not want to but then stated that the operation is perfectly simple. The girl agreed to do the operation because she does not care about herself. She told him that she will have the operation as long as he would still love her and they’ll be able to live happily together afterward. The girl stood up and walked to the end of the station looking at the scenery and wondered if they would have everything . They
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