Analysis Of Holden Caulfield

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Analysis of Holden Caulfield In United States millions are diagnosed with a mental disorder ranging from minor to damaging effects on the human mind. During my meeting with Holden Caulfield his father has provided me information on his son. In addition, from my first meeting with Holden he sounded like a man who was unstable, like he said “When you’re feeling very depressed, you can’t even think” (Caulfield, 49). These direct words from Mr. Caulfield presents me with a feeling that Holden is feeling detachment from his life and feeling worthlessness. In addition, his family looks normal, which is odd to feel depressed aside from other problems with his life. Also, Holden’s father presented me with his past and said, he has been kicked out…show more content…
Caulfield presents another symptom of his illness as well, based on his background throughout the examination and words Holden says. I read another journal entry within his book and it says “I’m the most terrific liar you ever saw in your life” (Caulfield, 3). Then Holden writes in his book multiple names his pretends to be Rudolf Schmidt when he meets this lady on the train on pages 54-55 of his journal. This lie indicates he wants to isolate himself people as well as getting close. Then he pretends to be this character named Jim Steele just to try to boost his own confidence, and not to mention he paid for a prostitute named Sunny. These two events connect to depression, but a deeper level of depression called personality disorder because on Mental Health America it defines a personality disorder as pretending who you really are not or hiding their true identity. For example directly from mental health America it states “unstable and fluctuating self-image.” The quote connects to Holden changing his name due to the fact that he pretends to hide his true identity as Holden Caulfield just to gain confidence. To end the examination on Holden Caulfield, he presents symptoms that seriously need to be addressed. In addition, he comes from a normal household that 's above average in income and has a normal family. Final words to Mr. Caulfield is he will have a rough life when he finishes school, socially and mentally. In addition, he will be deprived of his goals in life due to his mental illness called depression and symptoms accompanying like loss of interests, hiding depression by using comfort items, and personality disorder within
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