Analysis Of Holes By Louis Sachar

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“Why would anyone go to Camp Green Lake? Most campers weren’t given a choice. Camp Green Lake is a camp for bad boys” (Sachar 5). Have you done something bad? Come to Camp Green Lake! As you think, there’s a lake. Wrong. All you’ll be seeing, is a dry, shriveled up, used to be lake and town with much land where a shovel is waiting for you. A friend is truly needed to survive here at Camp Green Lake, they’ll be the only people who you can rely on. In the novel, Holes, by the award winning author, Louis Sachar, the text provided proves how Stanley went from a lonely, weak, and a poor boy to where he met Zero. Stanley’s relationship with Zero, helps Stanley grow and into a strengthening, caring, fortunate boy. Stanley comes from a…show more content…
Towards the end of the novel, Stanley becomes more fortunate. Sachar proves this by saying, “After legal fees and taxes, Stanley and Zero each receives less than a million dollars” (Sachar 230). Due to what Sachar provides from the book, readers contain a vivid explanation how Stanley went from a poor boy to more rich. Comparing Stanley to when he first arrives at Camp Green Lake to how Stanley’s strength changes when he hurries out of Camp Green Lake. Sachar shows the reader how much more stronger Stanley is by saying, “He scooped out some dirt and tossed it to the side” (Sachar 219). In the beginning, Stanley is weak and fleshy. He used to not be able to even put a dent in the ground, now Stanley can dig out multiple five foot holes. Through it all, Stanley gained friendship with Zero. Sachar shows how Stanley cares for himself and others when Stanley says, “ ‘I can’t leave Hector,’ Stanley said” (Sachar 29). From Stanley through the beginning to the end, Sachar shows how Stanley went from lonely and friendless, to caring by providing this text. All in all, Sachar provides text to help support how Stanley becomes a better, changed person from when Stanley first arrives at Camp Green
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