Analysis Of Holinshed's Chronicle In Act 1 Of Macbeth

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Did Shakespeare receive help writing his plays? As many other writers shakespeare did receive help. Shakespeare wrote his plays with other writers ideas that inspired him. In Act 1 of Macbeth shakespeare used “Holinshed’s Chronicle” as a source to write Macbeth. Holinshed 's chronicles were a historic analysis of events, which present historians have dismissed. Shakespeare decided to make history come to life in a way. Shakespeare uses Holinshed Chronicle because he wants the readers to be persuaded, to understand ambition, and have an imagination. Shakespeare used persuasion in his writing. Shakespeare used some of the characters characteristics and included more details to give the readers persuasion to continue reading. Shakespeare made it more entertaining for the readers. In Holinshed 's Chronicle he says “Met three women in strange and wild apparel, resembling creatures of the elderwood”(Pg.295). In the quote the author is giving the character an idea of three women being able to tell what will happen in the future, and having an image of goddess. Shakespeare also mentioned three women in Macbeth. He says “What are these creatures? They’re so withered-looking and crazily dressed. They don’t look like they belong on this planet.”(Act 1.2) In shakespeare 's time there was a different point of view of what the three women were, they were referred to as witches because of their ability to predict the future. It portrays an evil image and gives the readers the

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