Why Did Shakespeare Write Macbeth

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Did Shakespeare receive help writing his plays? As many other writers shakespeare did receive help. Shakespeare wrote his plays with other writers ideas that inspired him. In Act 1 of Macbeth shakespeare used “Holinshed’s Chronicle” as a source to write Macbeth. Holinshed 's chronicles were a historic analysis of events, which present historians have dismissed. Shakespeare decided to make history come to life in a way. Shakespeare uses Holinshed Chronicle because he wants the readers to be persuaded, to understand ambition, and have an imagination. Shakespeare used persuasion in his writing. Shakespeare used some of the characters characteristics and included more details to give the readers persuasion to continue reading. Shakespeare made it…show more content…
They’re able to see different perspectives by the way Shakespeare lays out by the way the play is formated. Shakespeare uses Holinshed’s Idea to better his writing, in order to improve his play. Shakespeare uses persuasion to attract his readers, like both Holinshed and Shakespeare use the idea of witches. They give different interpretations of the idea of witches. Giving the reader an allusion of what to believe. As well both author include ambition. They use Lady Macbeth and her desire to own the crown, and give her the persona of being barbaric. As well the image the readers receive form both texts are a certain place in Scotland. They have the idea of the way Scotland could be affected and how they were being ruled at that certain time period. Readers are able to identify different perspectives put into both stories in order to give them the ideas they would want to believe. Leading to the idea of wanting more, a purpose, and a vision. As many other authors that create stories and plays, they receive help and ideas from others to create a better version of
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