Character Analysis Of Sudasa In 'The Nest' By Holly Bodger

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5 to 1 by Holly Bodger displays the conflict between the future government of Koyanagar and the people rebelling against it. Sudasa is one of the thousands of woman who must choose a husband in “the tests” causing the society to have controversy of what is fair. The men who are not chosen are sent to guard Koyanagar’s wall. Sudasa must choose a husband from her assigned group, however, her cousin is unfairly placed in her group. Sudasa is left with a hard decision of what relationship is worth fighting for. Although Kiran, clearly the contestant deserving of Sudasa should have been chosen, Sudasa had developed a relationship with him that helped her understand that she has to let him find his family. Similarly in “The Nest” by Robert Zacks, Jimmy, a child of self-doubt rebels against his parents to help his friend Paul. Jimmy understands what is morally right, and that Paul deserved to be treated…show more content…
Without having these relationships the characters would not get or give support, and would not understand what is morally right. Sudasa would not have helped Kiran escape Koyanagar if she did not learned about the importance of Kiran’s family to him. Paul would not have gotten support from Jimmy if they did not develop and fight for their relationship. After all, the characters learn how relationships help them, and how hard life would be without them. Not only did these relationships help them gain support, but they helped the characters understand each other and why they have to make sacrifices. Without Sudasa sacrificing her love life with Kiran, he would not have been able to try to leave Koyanagar . Not only did Jimmy sacrifice his trust with his mother, but he did what no other child was willing to do to help Paul. These novels show that relationships are worth fighting for, regardless of how much we have to change and sacrifice for
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