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Systems Analysis – Hollywood Casino Benjamin Franklin, American statesman, scientist, and philosopher, once said that when you are finished changing; your are finished. Why is change so important to an organization? According to Burke (2011), compared to the past, the external environment is changing much more rapidly than organizations are. This would infer that if modern organizations are to keep up with their competitors, they need to properly embrace change. The purpose of this paper was to examine the Weisbord’s Six-Box Model, the input/throughput/output model, organization change, resistance to change, system boundaries, and how power/leadership is exercised within the system and organization. Weisbord’s Six-Box Model A diagnostic tool created by Marvin Weisbord called the Weisbord Six Box Model is commonly used to diagnose problems within modern organizations (Weisbord, 1976). According to Burke (2011), Weisbord’s tool helps managers and leaders visually diagnose problems within an organization. Weisbord used the analogy of an air traffic controller’s radar screen. The six “blips” on the screen tell us what is the most important and the blips intensity indicates the troubled areas (Burke, 2011). Burke also stated, the six boxes illustrate each organizational component: purpose, structure, rewards, helpful mechanisms, relationships, and leadership. According to Burke (2011), “Some of the strengths of Weisbord’s six-box model are simultaneously its weaknesses:

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