Analysis Of Homage To My Hips By Lucille Clifton

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Throughout Lucille Clifton’s poem “homage to my hips” she uses lots of literary devices such as symbolism, imagery, and synecdoche. However, the one that begins and closes her poem is Anaphora. She does this with the use of the phrase “the hips are” (Clifton, pg. 707) in lines 1, and 11-12. She only uses it in three lines but is shows the reader the growing power of her words. It also pulls the reader into her message and gets them to believe her a little more every time its written. Her use of Anaphora also complements her symbolism in her poem. It shows the growing power in her words. The confidence with in her writing is helped by these two literary devices and is completed by the last major one when she uses a synecdoche. Clifton’s use of a synecdoche is very powerful in how she applies it. The way she accomplishes her use of a synecdoche is how she use the word hips to portray a whole woman. When she says “they don't fit into little // petty places” (Clifton, pg. 707) in lines 4 and 5. She is speaking about hips and how the speaker is not agreeable to being trapped in the constraints of what a woman should be. She also speaks about how the hips go and do what they want in lines 9-10. This is about how women have the same rights…show more content…
From lines 1-15 the speaker’s attitude never changes if anything her position gets stronger. This poem is more about her than her hips. The reader does not get a lot on her hips but as mentioned earlier her use of a synecdoche gives the reader a lot about her as a woman. That’s why by her description of her “hips” the reader is able to get a great picture of how strong and independent she is. Thus, Clifton does a great job illustrating how the speakers “hips” are powerful, liberated, and more than any man could

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